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Marking Unit MaT 400

Cost effective dot peen marking unit

Dot peen marking

Data matrix code

175x80mm marking field

Marking Unit MaT 400

  • Dot-peen marker with ball-screw drive
  • Dot-peen, Data-matrix, Scribe marking
  • 65 x 65 mm marking field

Marking Unit MaT FL20

  • 20W Fiber laser for marking applications
  • Integrated PC
  • Red Pilotlaser

MaT FL Laser Series

  • 20 Watt, 30 Watt, 55 Watt, 75 Watt
  • Air cooled
  • Wavelength 1030nm – 1140nm
  • M2 < 1.2

MaT CO Laser Series

  • 170W, 300W, 550W, 750W
  • sealed-off Technology
  • High Quality

Controller MaT C7

  • Controller for MaT 400 and MaT 650
  • Simplified Data entry over touch screen
  • Interfaces: Digital I/O, RS232, TCP/IP and PROFIBUS

Controller MaT C72

  • Marking system controller for custom solutions or retrofitting of marking systems
  • easy data entry over touchscreen
  • Integrated stepper-motor controllers up to 6A optional with Encoders
  • Interfaces: Digital I/O, RS232, TCP/IP and PROFIBUS

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