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In industrial production, traceability is the process of recording every step that a product is put through till the final product is packaged. Under traceability a variety of data are recorded which enable at a later point in time to track the history of the product.




An efficient traceability system helps detect and isolate any kind of product defects in an organised orderly manner. This helps manage product recalls in a timely, pro active and efficient manner. Subsequently this leads to better customer safety and customer satisfaction.

Traceability helps the manufacturer manage detailed product histories the help maintain the production processes as well as meet regulatory standards.

With automated traceability systems, the element of human error is significantly reduced since product, part, employee number, quantity and supplier information can be automatically captured accurately and timely instead of being written manually and transferred to a data base later on.

Organisations can save considerable costs with automated traceability systems by eliminating recall costs, damage control campaigns, compensations and penalties since traceability systems help to isolate defects to specific serial numbers in the production.

Traceability helps organisations analyse specific performance issues with certain components and and help improve the performance in the future.

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