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Marker Laser FL20 for Laser Marking and Laser Cutting


Marking laser for Industrial applications

The FL-20 laser is an ultra-compact Laser. The user-friendly design of the software helps the user to become quickly acquainted with the various applications. The open design of the FL20 allows the marking of big parts.

Application Examples

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Commitment to Quality

Mark & Trace products are manufactured from high quality components with a long life. However, in case something does go wrong, the product includes a two-year warranty with Bring-in service. After examination of the submitted device, you will promptly receive a replacement unit. On request, a direct exchange through our logistics service is possible for you to keep downtime as low as possible.

Technical Features


Type:Fiber laser
Center wavelength:1064nm
Output Power:20 W
Energy per Pulse:0.5-0.6 mJ
Beam quality:< 1.4 m²
Beam diameter:6-8mm
Applications:Marking of nameplates, machine parts, plastic parts, medical instruments
Laser protection class4

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