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Direct Parts Marking

An organisation produces thousands of parts and components that could be meant to be built into automobiles, medical equipment, consumer electronics, military equipment etc. Each of these components have their manufacturing history which needs to be individually documented. This is required so that at any point of time, when they need to be replaced, repaired or inspected, the data required to correctly identify them is easily accessible.

This data can be easily made available by having the part individually directly marked with this data.

With direct part marking a lifetime identification mark is permanently put onto an item.

The ID is usually a serial number or other information that uniquely identifies that item, this ensures total lifecycle traceability. Direct part marking with a Data Matrix or even alpha-numeric data makes it practical to identify almost all kinds of parts and components. Direct part marking also makes it practical to instantly access essential information about the item throughout its life cycle even in challenging environments where other kinds of labeling systems might become unidentifiable after a period of time.

There are the following kinds of Marking Methods typically used in Direct Parts Marking Solutions:

Scribe Marking

When scribing, the marking pin is pressed into the work piece at the starting position of the mark to be applied and the pin is pulled through the material. This results in a continuous line. The process is very gentle and offers a good visual typeface.

Dot Peen Marking


In dot peen marking the marking pin is pushed at defined intervals in the material to be marked. The points of the mark to be applied are equally spaced from each other.

Data Matrix Code


The application of the Data Matrix code is similar to Braille embossing. The Data Matrix code is a two dimensional code that encrypts the data horizontally and vertically. The position of the coding does not matter. For evaluation, it is usually sufficient to have a minor contrast. The small footprint combined with the high storage capacity of the data matrix code often makes it the ideal solution for many applications.

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